Department Of Justice Wants A Role In A Case Against Lawyer

In Pikeville, Kentucky, federal government wants to take participation in a case against a lawyer from Kentucky, Eric C. Conn and administrative law judge David Daugherty. They were suspected to be connected to multiple frauds regarding Social Security disability benefits.

Jennifer Griffith and Sarah Carver, workers of Social Security Office in Huntington, filed a lawsuit.

They stated that they have been waiting long time ago for the government to takes participation and that they are looking forward to seeing how the case will be possessed. They are sure that state has lot more recourses and that will be able to prove Eric Conn guilt.

They suspect that Conn and the judge were working together in the cases of social disability benefits. Conn’s clients were taken to judge Daugherty and they were approved to receive social disability benefits that they weren’t entitled to. Griffith and Carver suspect that thousands of people acquired these type of benefits, illegally.

Conn has denied his guilt and he still hasn’t been charged with a crime. The government took participation because public needs to be assured that representatives of taxpayer fraud program are doing their job transparently.

In 2013 an investigation was held against Conn and Daugherty because the improperly approved disability cases. In this investigation, they found out many irregularities. Doctors who evaluated the cases for social security disability had suspended or revoked licenses for work.

In many cases, the condition presented in the report were in the direct conflict with other evidence presented in application.
Daugherty claimed that he didn’t commit any wrongful conduct. He went on paid suspension and last summer he agreed to have his law license annulled.
Social Security Admission suspended hundred benefits from Conn’s clients, because they were suspected to be false.
Conn build himself a reputation as a Mr. Social Security. He is suspected of handling more than 60% of cases in region of Appalachia, where people depend on social benefits, because of coal industry reduction.
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Author: Felix Lyons

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