Minnesota Appointed Anti-Fraud Unit In Social Security Admission

The state of Minnesota has created a team of experts who will help the state with questionable and suspicious Social Security Admission claims. The unit is based in St. Paul and its mission is to go through all claims and question their validity.

This team of people consists of experts that will be working together with federal agents from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Their goal is to make sure that people who really need those benefits actually get them and to prevent further manipulation of the system.

Since the October, when this unit has been created, they prevented $62 million of benefits going into the wrong hands.
Units job will be to:
-Investigate any type of concealed work while receiving disability benefits.
-If a person receives these benefits for a child that is not under his care and protection.
-If a person is deceased and his relatives continue to receive Social Security Benefits and don’t notify the authorities.
-If they try to conceal their marriage or property from the SSA during the time when they are receiving Supplemental Security Income.
-To identify residents who are not in the state while they are receiving Supplemental Security Income.
-Prevent manipulation of the benefits when acting as a representative payee.


Penalties for this type of fraud are extremely severe. A person who commits a fraud may be fined with 250,000 dollars or he may spend up to five years in jail.

Each false statement that person signswill be fined with 5,000 dollars. Every applicant should wisely reconsider his condition.
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Author: Felix Lyons

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