Social Disability Security – Step To Apply

Social Disability Security – Step To Apply

In order to secure a successful claim over social disability security, you should collect as many as you can your medical records and your claim should be filled in advance. It is hard to decide how long you’re going to be waiting, it all depends on your case. You will want to present clear picture regarding your condition, right from the start.


People who evaluate your claim will want to see that you are receiving medical care for your condition regularly and when appointed.

By having good medical records, you will be able to prove how serious your condition is and how it has effected on your abilities. Of course, doctor’s evaluation and opinion may break your claim or it can approve it.
Based on Social Security Admission database, 28% of claims in 2013 were denied because the disability was considered no to be severe. Additional 31% was denied also because the applicants were considered to be able to work a different type of job.

It is beneficial for every applicant to have a residual functional capacity form filled in – a doctor will help you with this.

He will enter here your prognosis and disabilities, also limitations regarding a job. We recommend you to include this form with your SSDI application.

After you submit your application, you need to make sure that it gets to right hands. You will receive more documents by mail that need to be filled in. Together with those forms, send again your medical records. By doing this, you will avoid your records being neglected.

It is of high importance that you review your budget; you aren’t allowed to earn more than 1,130 dollars per month. Many applicants make a mistake and continue to work while they in a process of getting SSDI.
If your SSDI application gets denied, you can always seek help from read full article.

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Minnesota Appointed Anti-Fraud Unit In Social Security Admission

Minnesota Appointed Anti-Fraud Unit In Social Security Admission

The state of Minnesota has created a team of experts who will help the state with questionable and suspicious Social Security Admission claims. The unit is based in St. Paul and its mission is to go through all claims and question their validity.

This team of people consists of experts that will be working together with federal agents from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

Their goal is to make sure that people who really need those benefits actually get them and to prevent further manipulation of the system.

Since the October, when this unit has been created, they prevented $62 million of benefits going into the wrong hands.
Units job will be to:
-Investigate any type of concealed work while receiving disability benefits.
-If a person receives these benefits for a child that is not under his care and protection.
-If a person is deceased and his relatives continue to receive Social Security Benefits and don’t notify the authorities.
-If they try to conceal their marriage or property from the SSA during the time when they are receiving Supplemental Security Income.
-To identify residents who are not in the state while they are receiving Supplemental Security Income.
-Prevent manipulation of the benefits when acting as a representative payee.


Penalties for this type of fraud are extremely severe. A person who commits a fraud may be fined with 250,000 dollars or he may spend up to five years in jail.

Each false statement that person signswill be fined with 5,000 dollars. Every applicant should wisely reconsider his condition.
If you think to earn money this way and you are perfectly healthy or have some minor disability, better give up. Find some other job or state, for example Nevada,read more here will provide you excellent job opportunities.

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Department Of Justice Wants A Role In A Case Against Lawyer

Department Of Justice Wants A Role In A Case Against Lawyer

In Pikeville, Kentucky, federal government wants to take participation in a case against a lawyer from Kentucky, Eric C. Conn and administrative law judge David Daugherty. They were suspected to be connected to multiple frauds regarding Social Security disability benefits.

Jennifer Griffith and Sarah Carver, workers of Social Security Office in Huntington, filed a lawsuit.

They stated that they have been waiting long time ago for the government to takes participation and that they are looking forward to seeing how the case will be possessed. They are sure that state has lot more recourses and that will be able to prove Eric Conn guilt.

They suspect that Conn and the judge were working together in the cases of social disability benefits. Conn’s clients were taken to judge Daugherty and they were approved to receive social disability benefits that they weren’t entitled to. Griffith and Carver suspect that thousands of people acquired these type of benefits, illegally.

Conn has denied his guilt and he still hasn’t been charged with a crime. The government took participation because public needs to be assured that representatives of taxpayer fraud program are doing their job transparently.

In 2013 an investigation was held against Conn and Daugherty because the improperly approved disability cases. In this investigation, they found out many irregularities. Doctors who evaluated the cases for social security disability had suspended or revoked licenses for work.

In many cases, the condition presented in the report were in the direct conflict with other evidence presented in application.
Daugherty claimed that he didn’t commit any wrongful conduct. He went on paid suspension and last summer he agreed to have his law license annulled.
Social Security Admission suspended hundred benefits from Conn’s clients, because they were suspected to be false.
Conn build himself a reputation as a Mr. Social Security. He is suspected of handling more than 60% of cases in region of Appalachia, where people depend on social benefits, because of coal industry reduction.
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